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A raw and wild childhood in rural India

I was born in a village in India without television, cars or any gadgets. My mother was uneducated and my father left me when I was Seven. I was essentially nurtured by nature and this upbringing formed me into a raw, wild, and sensitive child.

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Life in the corporate world

After completing my education, I spent the next 12 years working as an IT expert in several top companies. However, despite my outward image of success, I felt my life was meaningless. I weighed 86 kg and was depressed. I finally left corporate life and began my search for love and meaning.

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The birth of the Osho sannyasin

Through my searching, I found my Master, Osho, in Pune, India, and became a Sannyasin (one who is not attached to the past). I lived in Osho’s community for 8 years with people of more than 120 nationalities who had all come to learn the art of meditation and relating. These years were like a rebirth for me. It was as if, each day, I was creating myself in a new reality as the old one no longer fit with my core desires. It was while living in Osho’s community that I met my beloved, Tanmaya.

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The spiritual entrepreneur

After 8 years in Pune, I moved to Europe with my beloved and started a business creating and selling organic fashion for meditators. The clothing was made from natural fibres and dyed using Ayurvedic natural herbs. I also directed a documentary film on the concept of using the ancient wisdom of producing clothing in order to protect the purity of the freshwater rivers in India.