Get to Know Anahata

Anahata's unique fiery presence is a crystallization of 12 years of spiritual journey.


After diving deep into Vipassana, Zen, Sufi and Tao, he found Tantra to be his living path. He received his transmission directly from Tantra Master Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita.



Swami Anahata is a contemporary Tantric Master. He brings a fusion of Eastern mysticism and Western scientific research to his practice, making his methods simple, holistic, and unique to the world of Tantra.

His simple yet profound methods have a blend of Eastern mysticism and Western therapy that makes them holistic and unique. Anahata is traveling around the globe giving transformative courses on Tantra for Singles, Couples, and Men.

Anahata is trained in various healing modality including:

  • Bodywork such as Lomi Lomi, Tibetan Acupressure, Kashmiri and Taoist Tantric Massage
  • Colorlight Acupuncture
  • Transomatic Trans Hypnosis
  • Osho Meditative Therapies such as Mystic Rose, No Mind & Born Again
  • Practitioner of Satori Retreats
  • A certified Yoga Trainer

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My Story

I was born in India in an uneducated family. My parents were also socially abandoned from society as they were from a different caste. I feel their situations as blessings because my parents had nothing to teach me. I found myself in absolute freedom and ‘not knowing’ space throughout my childhood. This upbringing allowed me to be wild, raw and in love with the void inside of me. I remember myself hiding from other children and looking for alone space in nature to just feel this vastness inside of me. It was a great play that I was always enjoying.

As I grew up, I found myself in a Sanskrit school where I would learn everything in this language. I still have memory flashing over my Mind that I was enjoying chanting Mantras, Veda and poetry in Sanskrit. This joy ended the day someone told my Mother that if I didn’t learn English I would not have any chance of having a bright future. So I was taken out from this school and sent to a Catholic convent school. I feel this was for me like Adam when he was expelled from the Garden of Eden. I completed my studies and found myself in the chair of a manager in a big American corporation. I was climbing the so-called “success ladder” so fast that I didn’t allow that calm voice that I used to love for ten years. I remember that night I was on my desk in London when this voice came back like a powerful force inside my whole body that I must go to Osho. I couldn’t do anything as my entire body was vibrating on a different frequency than I know it. I booked my ticket to India that very night, and 3 hours later I was on a plane to Mumbai. I was crying out of joy and fear at the same time. I couldn’t believe that the castle that I had built around myself for all these years would collapse so easily.

My journey into Osho began from that very day. I came to Osho Commune in Pune and stayed there for seven years. These years to me were like a rebirth process as if each day I was creating myself with a new reality because the old one didn’t respond to my core desires. I was absorbing the essence of Meditation from this Buddha Field and experimenting with them in the commune which was the world in itself. What I enjoyed the most during this time was living whatever Osho was saying to me. Many times I had situations to which I would be able to respond because I heard him saying that last night. It was like I have my Master inside of me. This experience of being a community of spiritual seekers paved a solid foundation of holding space for many.

In 2008, When my mother died, I was left with a deep enquiry on the subject of Death. I went to Dharamshala where Dalai lama live to know Tibetan way of dying. During this time, I met my tantra teacher Maa Ananda Sarita. She initiated me into Tantra. I surrendered to her totally and unconditionally. I participated in her unique tantra world for couples "Soulmate Training for Lovers", a 4 years learning for couples. 

A point came when my cup was full and I started over flowing with joy and flowering of tantra. I am sharing this overflowing joy by teaching Tantra for singles, couples and men. My vision is to bring Tantra back to its birth place India in its full glory. I am sowing seeds of it each day.